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 Economic Concerns


We all have economic concerns that need to be addressed from time to time. Taking appropriate preventative measures dramatically decreases your chances of contracting Credititis®. Our service providers at Credititis.com are here to help, and answer any questions you may have as to how to improve your financial outlook.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. Remember, your initial consultation is ALWAYS FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION.
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    • You cleared up a mistake with a creditor but can't wait 60-90 days to have the report corrected with the credit bureaus.
    • You are unable to save to accumulate a reasonable "emergency reserve" fund.
    • You are paying higher than market rates on your mortgage or home equity line of credit.
    • You are paying higher than market rates on your credit cards.
    • You own your home but are having trouble making ends meet on your retirement income.
    • You are paying higher than market premiums on your insurance policies.
    • You will end up paying 200% to 300% of your original mortgage amount by the time you pay off your home.
    • Your home has decreased in value and you are having trouble being approved for an affordable payment.
    • Your property taxes went up and your mortgage payment increased dramatically to repay your negative escrow account.
    • You have incurred a financial hardship due to job loss, medical, or other situation beyond your control.
    • Your lender is unwilling to "modify" your mortgage unless you are paying late.
    • Your lender has closed or "frozen" your home equity line of credit.
    • You feel your overall net worth could be accelerating faster.
    • You feel your investment or retirement account(s) could be performing better.
    • You are concerned about whether or not your finances will sustain you during your retirement years.
    • You don't fully understand your credit reporting rights as a consumer.
    • You were denied credit because of reporting mistakes made by creditors or the credit bureaus.
    • Your identity has been used by someone without your permission.
    • You have had financial complications due to a divorce.
    • You do not have a will, trust, or medical power of attorney in place.
    • Your net worth has significantly decreased due to market conditions.
    • You feel you are paying too much income tax.

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