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No one person is an expert in every field, so we take time to listen to your needs and help you find the right solution. Call us today for your free consultation.

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For over ten years, Credititis® specialists have helped an extensive clientele, consisting of first time home-buyers through multi-million dollar investors achieves their dreams.  During this time we have been able to identify major “financial pitfalls” that could have easily been avoided if they had merely sought professional advice earlier. Credititis® specialists believe that it is extremely rewarding to assist as many as we can in making competent decisions and we feel strongly that we are doing our part to help strengthen the economy.

Recent changes to government and industry regulations have added more importance to the need for proactive financial planning and maintaining a superior credit score.  Many consumers have entered or will enter an economic situation where improper financial choices could actually prohibit them from retiring comfortably.   Our goal is to provide a centralized network of top-notch financial and legal professionals who can help clients correct mistakes, minimize risks, and overcome obstacles, maximizing their financial opportunities. 

Most Credititis® specialist’s services are quite affordable.  Your initial consultation is ALWAYS FREE, and without obligation.  Careful attention has been devoted to detail, to ensure you an efficient entry point to gain the knowledge you need.

  • If you have an impaired cash-flow or credit score, in many cases simple debt restructuring will improve your standing.  In some cases, the arduous task of writing dispute letters, and dealing directly with the Credit Bureaus is best left to a professional. You could certainly do it on your own as well, but as with anything, knowledge and insight is the key.  Mishandled disputes can result in credit request denials.

  • Those who don’t have severe symptoms of Credititis® can also benefit from our provider’s services. Our providers can help you pay off your 30 year mortgage, in as little as 6 to 12 years with little or no change to your current spending habits.  We provide solutions for those who need simple fixes to the most complicated financial tasks.

In most cases there is a solution, and just knowing where to turn is the answer. Once you’re on the road to recovery, our providers can help you to maximize the future and make up for lost time.

Please consult with your financial professional, or feel free to contact a representative today. A brief assessment should give you additional insights into your needs and options.


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