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  About Credititis®


Credititis® is a serious condition currently plaguing many Americans.  The compounding negative effects often cause impaired cash flow and credit ratings, which can develop into far reaching financial complications. The longer the condition is left uncorrected, it becomes increasingly harder to reverse its effects, as the condition progresses through several stages. Failed self-diagnosis attempts often trigger improper responses, which can be costly, and can even worsen one's overall financial situation.

Let’s face it…

                Now, more than ever, your finances matter. Money is hard to come by, for most.  It is earned, taxed, and then spent, sometimes with little left over.  Money left over after your expenses are known as discretionary income. When a person carries interest charges on a revolving charge account, much of the payments go to interest charges.  This further reduces the person’s discretionary income, and in many cases creates the need to use more credit; and the cycle repeats.  Consumer debt is hard to eliminate once you have begun carrying balances on your cards. A major contributor to a credit score is your proportion of balances to your limits, for obvious reasons. When a person saves some of their discretionary income they can place it in an interest bearing account, like a savings account, CD, mutual fund account, stocks, bonds, etc.  This has the reverse effect of the cycle above.  It is often said, “You have to have money to make money.” This often begins with small steps, and then compounds.  This is where professional financial advisors come in. They try to assess your risk, explain, and recommend financial planning options to suit your needs and goals.  Ultimately the choices are always yours. You will or do have goals in life during your employment years as well as during your retirement years.

                We, at “The Cure for Credititis®”  have identified certain trigger points outlined in the Seven Stages™, which we have seen hinder, postpone, and even prohibit a person’s financial goals. It is our goal to help get you going in the right direction, and maximize your opportunities. Our preferred providers can help you in many ways, whether or not you are carrying consumer debt. We have helped many increase their discretionary income by up to $1400 per month, balance their credit profile (which translates to lower interest rates), and correct reporting errors at the credit bureaus.

                There are different ways to accomplish financial security and prepare for retirement.  For some, there is a tax advantage to carrying a mortgage, but for many, paying off the mortgage early is a key starting point to investment and retirement planning. Startling reports reveal serious statistics regarding American’s debt status, and ill-preparedness for retirement.  Our savings rates (after taxes) have been in the negative numbers for the past few years. 


We are here to help you!
 Services provided by our wide range of specialist can help balance your credit profile, correct errors, lower your bills, increase your cash flow, and get you back where you belong.

Our services are quite affordable, and many are free of charge. We are confident that the return on your investment will be absolutely astonishing.

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